Thursday, January 8, 2015


This is what was awaiting me at South Coastal Library this morning.  I had two to return.  I love my library.  When I pulled on to the parking lot it was packed.  In the meeting room was a speaker on health foods.  From what I could see it was standing room only.  In the main part of the library, the computers were filled.  This little branch is always busy.  I didn't explore; I just picked up my holds and headed to the grocery store.  I have veggies simmering in chicken stock for soup.  Already it smells good.

In the background you might be able to see a corner craft cubby to sit on top of the craft table I got for Christmas.  I've moved it now and I am ready to stock it.  Boxes be gone!


  1. Your library sounds lovely! Wish I could see it! Love your "cubby"!!

    It has been super cold here - we got maybe 3 inches of snow the other day. And now sleet is coming on Monday. Me thinks I'm going to the grocery store on Sunday (Monday is my normal day)! I went to B & N today and spent waaaayyy too much money - but I had fun!

    Linda in VA

  2. I am working on my "crafting" corner. I have supplies all over the house. I wanted a central location. This is so nice.