Saturday, December 20, 2014

Anne Perry

Is there anything better than a well-written mystery?  Perhaps, the only thing more exciting is a series of such books.  Imagine then my delight in finding not one series but four all by the same author.  Combine a tightly woven plot with a rich setting and adding realistically drawn dynamic characters and you have Anne Perry's novels.

I'm not just finding Perry but only recently have I devoured her works one right after the other.  My December list on Goodreads appears to be a marathon tribute to her skill.

A few days before Thanksgiving, I ran down to my local library (South Coast Library in Bethany Beach, Delaware - a wonderful little place....but that's another post).  I was anticipating a quiet holiday weekend and looking for some books to prepare me for the Christmas season.

Victorian England epitomizes Christmas celebration for me.  I guess my picture is formed from A Christmas Carol by Dickens.  I was thrilled to find Perry's Christmas series.  Each is just under 200 pages so they are really more novellas or extended short stories but complete and riveting nonetheless.  I think my favorite was A Christmas Guest although it is hard to narrow it down.

Many of the characters in this series are related to the major characters in her primary series featuring William Monk in one and Thomas and Charlotte Pitt in the other.  This only served to push me towards those novels. As I added Perry to my Fictfact list I found her fourth series set during World War I.  My English history is sketchy but  No Graves As Yet (the first) is a nice introduction to the British side of the war.  Ok, I did google some things now and then but that is more from my nature than by necessity.  I just began the second in the World War I series and I have the next two in my library bag. It seems 2015 will be the year of Anne Perry for me.

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